Strategic Marketing & Content Creation


From The Ground Up

While Gosia is always the key touch point, her decentralised business model allows her to access a network of
highly specialised professionals who can be outsourced on a project-to-project basis.

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Strategic Marketing

more doing the thing

Think structure and most importantly, actual strategic execution. No more leaving ideas floating around.

Marketing and Content Calendars

Brand and Communication Workshops

Wine Clubs

Website and Online Shop Development

Brand Design Concepts

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Today’s best leaders are

From brand to back label, let’s turn your strategy into an inspiring story to lift off your page.

Wine Back Labels

Tasting Notes

Website Copy


Press Releases

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Content Creation

content is king.
but context is god

A digital presence is no longer a negotiable aspect of a successful business.

Event Speaker

Social Media Content Planning

Social Media Copywriting and Shot List

Art Direction for Content Photography

Project Management


Gosia introduced new structure into Fairview, helping to connect the dots and working systematically to launch our online shop and wine club - now one of the most successful in the country"

/  charles back - owner, fairview wine and cheese /